Postal Assistant /Sorting Assistant Recruitment 2014,12,13,15,16,17 Model Papers & Previos Exam Pattern

Postal Assistant /Sorting Assistant Recruitment  2014 ,12,13,15,16,17Model Papers & Previos Exam Pattern

Total Marks: 100

There will be one paper comprising of following four parts.

Part 'A'
25 Marks - 25 Questions on General Knowledge. Reasoning and analytical ability- Multiple Choice Question
Part 'B'
25 Marks - 25 Questions on Mathematics - Multiple Choice Questions
Part 'C'
Two Segments
25 Marks - 25 Questions       - English language - Objective
Type / Multiple Choice Questions
25 Marks       - 25 Questions -     Telugu language - Objective
Type / Multiple Choice Questions

1.Duration of Examination: - 120 Minutes.
Qualifying marks:
a)     Parts A & B- Minimum 10 marks for OC, 8 marks for SC/ST and 9 marks for OBC candidates in each part.

b)     Part C (Two segments) - Minimum 10 marks for OC, 8 marks for SC/ST and 9 marks for OBC candidates in each segment.

c)     40 marks for OC, 33 marks for SC/ST and 37 marks for OBC candidates in aggregate with the condition as A & B above.


1.In terms of area,India is the ________largest country of the world.

(A) Secon                  (B) Fouth                  (C) Sisth                     (D) Seventh

2.Who is the author of the book ‘We Indians’

(A) Khushwant Singh                    (B) Mulk Raj Anad

(C) Nirad C.Chaudhary                 (D) Subramanya Swamy

3. The ozone layer absorbs

(A) Infrared Radiation                   (B) Microwaves

(C) Radio wave                                (D) Ultraviolet rays

4. Jawaharlal Nehru award is given for :

(A) Government Science              (B) Literary work
(C) International understanding     (D) Social Work

5.Which of these keys is not on the number keypad

(A) Ctrl                       (B) Del                       (C) Enter                   (D) Num Lock

6.The total number of judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

(A)10             (B) 12             (C) 15             (D) 18

7. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched

(A) Kalinga Award : Popularization of science

(B) David Cohen Award : Literature

(C) Borlaug Award : Agriculture

(D) Pulitzer Prize : Progress in religion

8.Where did India Play its 1st one day international match

(A) Lords       (B) Headingley                    (C) Taunton             (D) The Oval

9. The north pole of the following is not a plantation crop

(A) South      (B) east                      (C) west                     (D) north

10. Which one of the following is not a plantation crop

(A) Tea           (B) Coffee     (C) Rubber    (D) Sugarcane


1.A sum of Rs 600 amount to Rs 720 in 4 years .What will it amount to if the rate of simple interest is increase by 2 %

(A) Rs 724     (B) Rs 648     (C) Rs 768     (D) Rs792

2.A and B together can complete a piece of work in 6 days while B and C together can do it in 12 days. All the three together can complete the work in 6 days. In how much time will A and C together complete the work

(A) 8 days                 (B) 10 days               (C) 12 days               (D) 20 days

3. 6 boys can complete a piece of work in 16h . In how many hours will 8 boys complete the same work?

(A) 10            (B) 8               (C) 12             (D) 14

4.The average age of 40 students of a class is 15 years. When 10 new students are admitted, the average age is increased by 0.2 years.The average age of the new students is :

(A) 15.2 years                (B) 16 years                    (C) 16.2 years          (D) 16.4 years

5. Find the value of:

  783/9/0.75 = ?

(A)             130           (B) 124          (C) 118          (D) 116

6. The speed of three cars are in the ratio of 2:3:4 Find the ratio between the times taken by these cars to cover the same distance.

(A) 2:3:4                   (B) 4:3:2                    (C) 4:3:6                    (D) 6:4:3

7.How is ½ % expressed as  a decimal fraction ?

(A) 0.0005                (B) 0.005                  (C) 0.05                     (D) 0.5

8.Solve (999+588)2 –(999-588)2   =?

(A)             8                (B) 3               (C) 2               (D) 4

9. If 30% of A = 20% of B ,then find the value of A:B.

(A) 1:3           (B) 3:2           (C) 3:1           (D) 2:3

10.At what percent annual compound interest rate, a certain sum amount to its 27 times in 3 years?

(A) 100%                  (B) 150%                   (C) 75%                     (D) 200%

10.A man riding his bicycle covers 150 meters in 25 seconds. What is his speed in km per hous?

(A) 20 km/hr           (B) 21.6 km/hr                (C) 23 km/hr                     (D) 25 km/hr


1.Find out the error part of the following sentence:

She was so (A)/emotional stable that (B)/she was not moved (C)/by their decision to suspend her.(D)

2.On the basis of the given sentence pick out the correct sentence converted in Interrogative from the given options:

The childerns are playing.
(A)             The children shall be playing
(B)             Have the children to play?
(C)             Children The will be playing?
(D)            Are the children playing?

3.Choose the option that describe the meaning of the following idioms and phrases:
To keep one’s temper:

(A)             To become angry                     (B) to be in good mood
(c)  to preserve ones energy                         (D) none of these

4. On the basis of the given sentence pick out the correct sentence converted in future continuous Tense from the given option;

I have missed a good chance.
(A)             I will miss a good chance                    (B) I will have missed a good chance
(C) I will be missing a good chance              (D) I will be missed a good chance

5. Find the synonym of:

(A)             Discover                  (B) Invent     (C) Determine                     (D) Fix

6.Find out the error part of the following sentence:

The Culprits of(A)/the bomb explosion have(B)/not yet (C)/been discovered.(D)

7.Analogies for:
(A)             Wood : splinter       (B) rock : stone         C) soil : earth        (d) Wood : tree

8.Fill in the blank with appropriate given optio:
Who are ……….people that are standing there in the street?

(A)             a                (B) an             (C) the                       (D) that

9.Choose the most suitable preposition:
Since he is ill, he is confined …………….bed.

(A)             in               (B) on             (C) to              (D) of

10.Antonym for :

(A)             intrepid   (B) craven     (C)vacillate   (D) oscillate


1.poining to a boy in photograph Akhil says “ He is the son of my mother’s only son’s son “.How is Akhil related to that boy?

(A) Uncle                   (B) Brother               (C) Father     (D) cousin

2.Vijayan started walking towards south.After walking 15 m, he           turned to the left and walked 15 m, He again turned to his left and walked 15 m, How far is he from his original position and in which direction?

(A) 15 m,North       (B) 15 m, South      (C) 30 m East           (D) None

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